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Never Stop Learning! Always be learning! Even if you are lucky enough to know EVERYTHING about success or anything else, it is always beneficial to be reminded of what you know, or to even hear the same thing again, but in a slightly different way. To this day, I use my "dead" time to continue to learn. And I do it every day. But I don't have time to read. but I do shower, shave and drive... When I shower, I'm listening to my Ipod, when I'm shaving I'm listening to my Ipod... When I'm driving I'm studying... everything from economics, to success principles, religion and everything else. The constant input of positive and educational information is a never ending source of inspiration, information and unquestionably a big part of the any success that I have achieved. It is very simple... without the principles that I learned and internalized from these incredible books, I could never have successfully gotten through many of the trials that life has given me. Daniel Cueto


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